create happy moments

Unique Pet Products Supplier

Business is done together. We have the same interest: a buying and happy customer.

By helping you develop loyalty and enthusiasm among your customers, we hope to build a long term relationship with you.

That’s why we kindly offer you our services. But like in every relationship, it’s all about giving and granting, that’s our condition.

Leading international pet brand

Beeztees is a worldwide innovative consumer brand

5000+ pet products (Dog, Cat, Rodent, Bird, Fish)

We export to over 50 countries

Family owned company for over 45 years

Save costs with our direct container shipment

In-house product design team

Marketing support to increase sales

Our product lines


Food and Drink

Beeztees Food and Drink category

Sleep and Rest

Go for a walk

Nylon Dog Leash Orange


Beeztees Care product category



Beeztees travelling category

Other services

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