Complete rodent range

Your little rodent deserves the best of the best. That is why Beeztees offers a complete rodent range in a beautiful style! In addition to nice accessories, you maybe want to spoil your rodent with something tasty. That’s why Beeztees also has a range of tasty snacks for your little friend!

A place of its own

It is important that your rodent has a place of his own to retreat completely and to relax. Or maybe you just want to give your rodent a place where he can go crazy and play. For these reasons, Beeztees has different types of products in its range: a real labyrinth for your rodent, a playhouse or a house to sleep in! You can also give your rodent a basket or its own teepee tent. Besides that it looks very cute, it is also very nice for your little friend. A real win-win situation.

Food and drink

Eating and drinking is of course the most important necessity of life for your rodent. But this doesn’t have to mean it’s boring! A special bowl has been made for every rodent, so you can choose one that suits your rodent. Beeztees has a hamster bowl, a guinea pig bowl and a rabbit bowl in its range. To ensure that the food or snacks for your rodent stay fresh, there is also a stock canister in the same style!

In addition, you may also want to provide your rodent with fresh hay. For this reason, we have a hay container or hay rack in the range. The advantage of this is, that the hay is not loose in the cage, so your rabbit will not use it to make a hole of it. Now he or she will really use it to eat good food. The hay rack can also be easily attached to the cage by means of the hooks.


It is no secret that a rodent likes to play. For this reason, Beeztees has the standard play houses, running discs and a running wheel. You probably know them! But did you know that it is also important for a rodent to stimulate him or her mentally? This is possible with many different toys.

There are snack rollers, with which you can immediately reward your rodent. If your rodent does a good job, snacks will automatically roll out. There are also sniff mats for rodents. This is basically the same as for a dog. Your little friend can sniff around and look for his reward. This is really hard work for your rodent, but at the same time a lot of fun!

Finally, we now also have a nice range of brain games. In the brain games you can hide something tasty for your rodent. After a good search and sniffing, your rodent will find its reward. Moreover, these toys all fit perfectly with the other accessories, so you have everything beautiful in one style!


Of course you also want to spoil your rodent with a snack.

For example, Beeztees offers various gnaw mixes. You can sprinkle these gnawing mixes over the ground cover or mix them through the daily diet. Besides that these mixes are very tasty, they are also very nutritious. Moreover, you can also use these mixes to hide them in brain games or in a snack roller.

If you want to spoil your little friend with something bigger and more exclusive, you can also go for burgers or treat sticks. These snacks are available in all shapes and flavors. In any case, your rodent will enjoy it. Delicious as a snack or as a reward!

And we are not done yet, because there are many more delicious snacks! We have different types of hay bales, hay rolls and even treat salads. Because if we can enjoy a delicious salad ourselves, our rodent should of course not be left behind!