Hooray! Your new puppy has finally arrived. Just the presence of your pup around the house, will make simple daily moments even nicer. You are going to explore the world together and go on a lot of adventures on the way to maturity. Luckily it will take a while for your pup to grow up. So first up: enjoy big time with your pup.

Especially for all the cute, little, stubborn puppies we created a brand new assortment.

Playtime with your buddy!

Puppies are full of energie, but aren’t ready yet for long walks in the forest. Make sure you have enough toys at home. Your pup can run wild and release his energy, plus you’ll work on a super strong bond together. You can also take advantage of all this energy, by starting to learn easy commands and social skills.

The first weeks at home will be super exciting. Not only for you, but especially for your little pupper. In most cases the breeder allows you to put a small rag in the nest, which can absorb the scent of the mother and the nest. To prevent your puppy from peeing over it, we designed the Beeztees Odoro playball, where you can put the rag in.

Puppies have really sharp teeth and explore the world with their mouth and snout. The growth of their teeth will bother them and to ease the pain they’ll start chewing on anything in their reach. The last thing you want is your pup starting to use your furniture as a chewing toy. To supply in their chewing needs, choose for toys made of rubber or for example a Dental ring or bone. This will also take care of their teeth.

Your pup can be a little cheeky and rowdy from time to time. But you’re the boss and he or she should know that you’re hand should not be used as a chewing toy. Do you want and your children and yourself to play safely with the puppy, then the Beeztees Puppy Pullina T-Puller is the perfect solution.

One side of the flossy rope is provided with a protective cap. You can grab the flossy rope and place your hand behind the cap. When you and your pup are pulling the rope, your hand is protected and your puppy can play and pull all he want without accidentally biting your hand. This protective cap is flexible and fits every hand.