Last version 18-05-2018

If there’s one place you want to deal carefully with your personal data, it’s the world wide web. We appreciate your trust in us and we take it as our responsibility to protect your privacy on our website. We can imagine that you would like to know why we want to know your personal details. That’s why we are trying to explain this as good as possible. In case you still have any questions after reading this page, feel free to contact our customer service.

This privacy policy applies to the services of Beeztees. Beeztees respects your privacy and all the privacy of all users of our website. We handle your personal data very carefully. Your data is stored on the secure servers of Beeztees on one of our partners’ servers. In case we share your data with someone else – below you can read why and when we do this – we demand that the other person treats your data as carefully as we do and only uses them for the purpose for which he received them.

We often use your data to learn how our visitors surf through our website. So that we know which pages are doing well and which need improvement. In addition, we use cookies to show interesting ads for you. We use data such as your IP address, search and surf behavior and your personal preferences that you can give us.

You can read more about cookies here.

What are we doing with your personal data?


You can sign up for our newsletter. Here you can enter your personal preferences. For example if you have a cat or a dog. We compile our newsletters based on your preferences. This way we can make the newsletter as interesting as possible for you. You can always change your details any time or unsubscribe yourself from the newsletter. You can find these links in every newsletter we send to you.

Contests and competitions

We regularly place a contest online. Sometimes we ask you to sign up for our newsletter when you join a contest, we could ask for your name & e-mail address. You can change your details at any time or unsubscribe from the newsletter. We always ask the winners for name and address so that we can send the prize.

Improvement of our brand and service

We continuously want to improve ourselves and we would like to ask you for your feedback. We may use your details to ask you if you would like to participate in a non obligated market survey.

Social media

In some places on our website you can share articles on your own social media account. Beeztees does not get access to your social media account, but you can share articles with friends that you like or find interesting. You can also share beautiful photos with us on social media, ask questions, give feedback and so on. We will save your message and account name so that we can respond to you.

Customer service

You can contact us in various ways, for example via telephone, mail, contact form, fax or social media. In order to help you and improve our products and services in the future, we make a note of our contact. Handy if you contact us again and – for example – get another colleague on the phone.

Do you any have questions about our privacy policy or do you want to know how to view or delete your data? Please contact our customer service.