Premium Nylon Collection

Dog collars, leashes and harnesses

What is better than a long spring walk with your big friend? A long spring walk with your big friend with a super comfortable walking line, collar or breast collar from our Premium Nylon Collection Parinca. 

Nylon is often used as a material for dog leashes and collars. Nylon has the great advantage that it is a very light material and that it is easy to clean. In addition, the leashes, collars and chest harnesses are neoprene-lined. This makes it even more comfortable to hold.  Neoprene is weather-resistant and dries quickly when wet. This premium product line contains the following products:

Premium dog collar Parinca

The premium dog collar is a very pleasant collar. The collar is equipped with a so-called pull protection. When the dog pulls on the leash, there is no direct pressure on the neck of the dog. Moreover, it prevents cracks in the collar when the collar is under tension. The closure of the collar is provided with an extra lock, so that the collar cannot pop open undesirably.

Premium leashes Parinca

A good collar naturally requires a matching and nice dog leash. The parinca lines are all neoprene lined. Neoprene is a synthetic rubber, best known for the fabric of the wetsuits that divers wear for example. This ensures that the lines are comfortably in the hand. Neoprene is also water- and dirt-repellent. Three types of lines are available.

  • Premium leash
    This nylon leash is a great line for walking. Because nylon is a light material, you can take the dog leash everywhere without any problems.

  • Premium training leash
    With this long nylon training leash you can train together with your dog. The training leash is adjustable in length, so that you can decide for yourself if you give the dog much or little space.

  • Premium web-leash
    This web-leash can be used to secure a dog, for example handy at a campsite or in the garden. In addition, you can create a handle with this web-leash by means of the “lockable” closure. This can be useful, for example, when training with the dog.

Premium Comfort Harness Parinca

This lightweight dog harness is super comfortable. The dog harness is easy to adjust due to the Velcro fastener. You can insure the Velcro closure with a lock, so that it cannot just pop open. On the front you will find a reflection strip, so that you are clearly visible in the dark. On the top is an O-ring where you can attach the dog leash to. This O-ring moves with the nylon loop and therefore does not rest on your dog’s back.

Premium Y-harness Parinca

The premium Y-harness Parinca is a fantastic harness with all conveniences. This harness has the perfect fit, because the harness is also adjustable at the front. In addition, there are two more closures so that the dog does not have to lift legs when putting on or taking off the harness. This makes the harness suitable for dogs growing-up and also voor dogs that are less agile. This harness is provided with a Y-shaped breastplate so that the pressure on the dog is well distributed. A leash can be attached at two places. In addition to the usual side (the top), the leash can also be attached to the D-ring on the front breastplate. By attaching the lead at the front, the dog gets more pressure on the chest with exertion, so that the dog will automatically pull less hard. 

Just like the comfort harness and the collar, this harness is also neoprene-lined, so it dries quickly and repels dirt. The harness has reflective stitching, making the dog clearly visible in the dark. The 2 click closures are provided with a “lock”, so that the click closures cannot open undesirably.