create happy moments

The idea:

Business is done together. We have the same interest: a buying and happy customer.

By helping you develop loyalty and enthusiasm among your customers, we hope to build a long term relationship with you.

That’s why we kindly offer you our services. But like in every relationship, it’s all about giving and granting, that’s our condition.

Shop fitting advice

For over 40 years we have been intensively involved in (re)styling and drawing store fittings. We would like to share our knowledge and experience with you. We judge the lay out and routing in your store(s) and you will receive our professional advice. Shortly after this, we will make an agreement about the costs but mainly about our mutual gain.

This way we have a chance to grow our cooperation with you and you will fully gain from our experience. A true win-win scenario.


Online ordering and more…

Placing your orders with ease, whenever you want and always the correct product- and price information?

Here we would like to share our productinformation with you. That way, you are always up-to-date, to the minute, on the actual net price, if the article is still current, or in supply and a lot more…

Image database

A picture is worth a thousand words…that is why we would like to share our product images with you. Either in high resolution so you can use them for printing or in low resolution to show them for example on your website or to use them in computer presentations. You can easily choose the resolution you need.

Our image bank is updated every week so you can always have the latest pictures at your disposal.

Automated data exchange

Currently we like to profit from different techniques to facilitate our work and to make it easier and more efficient at the same time. That’s why we would like to connect your files to ours back and forth; from packing lists and invoices via EDI to data files in XML, CSV or other formats. In case you own a webshop with a well automated back office, we offer you the possibility to connect it to our data feed. This allows you to access to our hourly updated product data feed. Of course we can then mutually also arrange for a computerized order process.

Category management

By implementing category management we have obtained a clearer and more complete idea about the wishes and expectations of the shopper. Supported by our own shopper investigations and observations, we can give you a good and well explained advise about the best possible store lay out as well as the best location for the different shelves and products.

Our own business analyst processes all relevant shopper data into useful information. Our Retail Shelf Planner allows us to make shelves plans which show the best possible presentation of our products in your store. This results in a maximum output for your store.

Private label and Direct shipments

For more than 35 years we have been sourcing products and building relationships in the Far East. We know exactly where to purchase which materials and which partners are best for us. We have a proven track record and quality issues are very rare. Therefore we invite you to profit from our experience and knowledge and benefit from our purchase volumes with better prices too!

We can produce products with your own brand and ship them directly to you in 20ft/40ft containers. But it is also possible to ship your items in one of our own containers. Whether you need standard products or promotional items, we can arrange it for you. All our containers are being shipped by our selected forwarder Schenker, so you can profit from the same economic tariffs we have.

Customized design projects

Our designs are so strong that our customers frequently request us to design complete collections for them.

From original drawing until final product we create complete collections in the theme of your choice.