Beeztees winner of the GlobalPETS Forum Award 2021

The international GlobalPETS Forum normally takes place on January 21. Due to COVID-19 the forum cannot take place this year, but the GlobalPETS Forum Award will be awarded! Beeztees has been chosen by the jury as the winner of the prestigious award in 2021 from five international nominees.

The award is presented annually to an organization within the animal industry that performs excessively on the theme of that year. The theme of 2021 is “Exclusive Brands” with topics such as brand strategy, how to position a brand and how to create fans for your brand. A theme that is becoming increasingly important and relevant in this day and age.

Beeztees was chosen as the winner because of, among other things, the complete brand strategy, the translation to presentations for the shop floor and the role of own design within the brand. The award ceremony and an interview with the Beeztees management about the strategy can be viewed online here.

Welkoop Award for ‘best thinking along’ supplier!

On Octobre 11th Beeztees won the Welkoop Award for ‘best thinking along’ as a supplier in 2018!! Thank you and we are very proud of this award and our partnership together!

Interzoo 2018:Photobooth

Lots of people visited our stand at Interzoo 2018. And we caught them on camera!

You’ll find all the pictures of the Beeztees Wall of Fame here!

Beeztees acquires Karlie!

The Dutch holding and mother company of Beeztees, Pet Supplies Beheer, has acquired German based pet company Karlie Flamingo GmbH. Besides 100% shares, also the trade names “Karlie Flamingo” and “Karlie” are acquired.  Read more ->

Beeztees premium benches

With this premium bench or wire dog crate you can create a relaxing sanctuary for your dog. The wires of the premium benches, which are 15% thicker than the cage wires of standard benches, provide more strength and stability. The thickness of the wires and the neutral colour give the bench a strong and solid appearance. Several accessories are available for the premium bench. A matching holder for the water bowl is included. The water bowls and pet beds are available in the colours orange and beige.

In addition to the interior of the bench, attention was also given to the exterior part.

The bench can be covered with a matching crate cover. The colours of the accessories can be matched, making this cosy place for the dog into an attractive and matching unit, which can easily be adapted to the interior or personal taste of the owner.

New! Beeztees scratching posts

    A nice scratching post is perfect for your cat. The new product line for scratching posts, designed by Beeztees, consists of 9 different kinds of posts, in other words “Something different for every cat”. Does your cat love to climb and clamber? In this case choose a high scratching post with play rope. Does your cat prefer to have a nap in a sheltered spot? Then we recommend a scratching post with a nice hiding place.

    The scratching posts from the new Beeztees product line are not only designed for the cat, as a nice and fun place to stay; also the owner has been taken into consideration. The trendy designs and neutral colours of this cat furniture make it suitable for every interior!

    New! Beeztees gift bags

    Everyone loves to buy a present for their pet. In addition, also pets of friends and family are regularly surprised with something new. Our faithful four legged friends are not forgotten on World Animal Day, birthdays and around the holidays.

    Make your gift extra special with a gorgeous gift packaging!

    Choose a toy, a snack or some other nice gift and turn it into a beautiful present with the Beeztees gift bag! Have your friends received a new puppy, is your neighbour’s dog celebrating his birthday, do you have to buy a nice Christmas present for a dog or would you like to surprise your own beloved four legged friend? Turn the presents you bought into really original gifts with the beautiful Beeztees gift bags.

    The gift bags are available with different texts. For every moment the perfect gift!

    DeliSnacks becomes Beeztees!

    The past year we have been working hard to give all our products a new Beeztees packaging so that they all fit with our brand. Time to take the next step; Deli Snacks becomes Beeztees! In other words, all our snacks will be subsumed under the Beeztees brand and get a new, fresh and modern Beeztees packaging. So we can focus better on our two core brands (Beeztees and Designed by Lotte) and thereby create more recognition and tranquility on the shelf. Of course we will be communicating great Beeztees snacks towards the consumers and we will benefit both! Obviously, this conversion will not be done in one shot and it will get extensive marketing support. Our goal?  Working together with you on a strong brand, Beeztees. Your pets’ favourite!

    On the Dibevo exhibition we will show the first new packagings and we will inform which will be the next steps. Are you curious? Please ask for it with your account manager or sales representative.

    New! Melamine food bowls

    Our range of melamine food bowls for dogs and cats has been extended with 8 new types. As well for the dog as for the cat, there are individual bowls and dinner sets added. Each bowl is available in a cheerful bright color.

    Spoga / Gafa 2015; Beeztees was there!

    It’s all about trends & design! Because of this fact Beeztees became a member of EFSA earlier this year. EFSA is a group of (European) suppliers who are active in the garden and lifestyle industry. We are early adopters of trends and sometimes we even create trends. The EFSA members are also required to invest in their own product development and innovation. The members of the EFSA group use their knowledge of trends and designs to develop new products and to combine these products with new trending colours. Of course we would like to share our knowledge with you and we would really like to be a source of inspiration for all of our customers.
    As one of the new members of the EFSA Group we participated on this show this week. Our lifestyle brand Designed by Lotte was our focus and a lot of European retailers really ‘embreaced’  the brand and the new assortment of Designed by Lotte!

    Mix & Match with Beeztees!

    Which pair of shoes matches my pants? And which glasses match my (party)outfit? We mix & match all day! But why should your dog always wear the same collar? The new Beeztees nylon dog collars, harnesses and leashes are designed in such way, that all colours and designs match together and can be mixed. Summer day? Choose a bright color. Invited to a party? Choose a collar that matches the owner’s outfit. Choose a few collars and leashes for your dog and pick the best combination, at any time!

    The new Beeztees nylon range contains 18 (!) different colours and designs. All colours and prints are matching and can be combined in many different ways. The nylon collars, harness and leashes are available in four different sizes.

    Visit us at Zoomark Bologna!

    From food to care, from hygiene to comfort, from safety to transportation, from information to entertainment, the show is an outstanding showcase attracting more than 600 exhibitors from all parts of the world to introduce innovative products, news and solutions aimed at making the market grow.

    We will show our products at Zoomark Bologna from May 7 to 10, 2015. Please make an appointment with one of our sales managers. You can find us at booth number A101 in hall 22.


    Our PetTradePortal is being used more and more by our customers. Recently we added some new features to make it even easier to order. First of all we added ’total amount’  as an extra feature so that you can see the total amount of your order directly. And the second feature is the possibility to upload your order template (excel file) more easy. If you want to see how easy it works, please ask your account manager to arrange a login for you.

    Beeztees Sumo renewed

    The concept Sumo, strong dog toys, has received a whole new look. The packaging has been adapted to the new Beeztees look, the products have new colours (green and orange), there are completely new types of toys and the prices are lowered.

    The main assortment consists of the Sumo Play, Sumo Fit, Sumo Team and Sumo Mini. This assortment contains strong and functional toys for dogs. New is the Sumo Dental, created to encourage dental cleaning. We have also added the Sumo Fit Stick. This toy stimulates active play with the dog and is perfect to fetch.

    We will show the entire collection at Zoomark Bologna (7-10 May 2015). Please visit our booth number A101 in hall 22.

    New: silicone products

    We introduce a new assortment silicone products. The concept contains three different dog toys. These toys are available in various colors. Besides toys, the concept contains different food and water bowls. These bowls and diner sets are equipped with a wide, uphill silicone edge. This collects splashing water or dog food.

    The stainless-steel trays are removable. The foldable silicone trays are convenient to take with you during a walk with the dog.

    All the silicone products are dishwasher safe.

    Unveiling of Beeztees

    It happened on Thursday 1st of May; our new company name Beeztees was unvealed.
    Together with our entire team we celebrated this and brought a toast to our new name. It was a nice and cheerful afternoon which felt a bit like New Year’s Eve. Familiar and exciting at the same time, but most of all with a lot of confidence for the future.