New cushion collection!

Nothing is more satisfying for your dog than having a good stretch on his or her own cushion. Every dog deserves its own space to relax. It is of course important that it looks attractive and cosy. With that in mind, we designed a new range of cushions in different colours, sizes and fabrics.

We took inspiration from the different trends currently in vogue in the lifestyle field. The result is a collection of dog cushions with a contemporary look, which makes it easy to combine them with a modern interior.

Born to be Wild!

As the name implies, all the cushions in this line feature the text ‘Born to be Wild’. This line includes a rest basket and a lounge cushion, both of which are made of soft cotton, which feels like a fine duvet. The rest basket has a lovely soft cushion on the inside, which you can remove or turn over. The rest basket has raised edges all round with printed round and triangular motifs in a a chalk mark style. The lounge cushion comes in a beautiful anthracite colour and has the same print on the bottom as the rest basket.

So if you are fed up with looking at the text Born to be Wild, you can always turn the cushion over and have a pleasing pattern instead.

I Woof You

The I Woof You cushion line consists of a rest bed and a lounge cushion, both come in neutral grey. The rest bed is made of extra soft sweatshirt fabric, which feels like a warm
sweater to the dog. This makes the rest bed even more comfortable for your best friend, and it looks good too. The front of the rest bed has an ‘I Woof You’ motif. The lounge cushion is made of soft cotton fabric, with the ‘I Woof You’ motif on the top and a zigzag pattern on the underside.

Trufo dog cushion

The Trufo cushion line matches with the I Woof You & Born to Wild cushions perfectly, because the Trufo cushion line has the zigzag pattern on the top and on the bottom of the cushion a beautiful anthracite colour with printed round and triangular figures in a chalk mark style. These cushion lines can combine easily because they are a perfect match.

How about having a basket in the living room and a cushion in the hall?


The ZigZag cushion line looks great in any interior. Denim fashion is the basis of the design, and that seems to be a timeless trend and here to stay. These cushions are made of a denim fabric and are available in the rest bed, lounge cushion and oval rest cushion formats.

The rest bed version has raised edges and a wonderfully soft cushion inside. The cushion is reversible so that you can use it with the zigzag print or the neutral denim colour facing up, which offers you the option of two completely different looks. And you can play with the different prints on the rest cushions and the lounge cushions


The Lumbro cushion line has a characteristic fresh yellow accent. The rest beds are very firm and suitable for a strong dog. They have a beautiful stonewashed look with a yellow decorative line. The cushion on the inside of the rest bed is wonderfully soft and easy to remove.

Rest beds are available in several sizes, so there is a cushion to suit any dog.


The Parina cushion line is not just fun for your dog, it gives your interior a cheeky look too. The inspiration for these dog cushions is denim fashion and they are finished with an orange accent. This gives them a playful and cheerful appearance.

This cushion line includes a lounge and a rest cushion. The rest cushion has denim fabric on top and a brown cotton fabric on the underside. An orange nylon contour divides the top and bottom. The lounge cushion has three surfaces: a soft brown cotton fabric, an orange nylon ribbon and a denim surface.