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In this image database you can find all images of our article in High and Low resolution. High resolution images are usually required for printed-matter while Low resolution images are often used for use on the Internet or Office programs. Before you start downloading the free images, we kindly request that you read the terms of use thoroughly.


If you want to use the image database, please take the following steps:

  1. – Enter your username and password
  2. – Enter our article number in the search box (in the top bar) and press ‘enter’. The requested image will appear in the main window.
  3. – To download this image you simply click on the arrow icon beneath the image.
    Then you are prompted to choose between 2 kinds of Jpeg-images:
    • 72 dpi (Low resolution), suitable for use on the Internet and Office programs (RGB)
    • 300 dpi (High resolution), suitable for printing-maters (CMYK)
  4. Choose one of the options and click on the ‘Download Now’
  5. If you use Internet Explorer as your browser you will see the right upper corner is shaking and tells you ‘start download’. You need to click this text to start the download and browse to the folder on your computer where you want to save the image.For all other browsers your download will start immediately so you don’t need to click on ‘start download’.

Caution! If you choose a category in the left column the search engine only looks after your article number in this category. So if you don’t know the corresponding category with article number you better click on the ‘house’ icon and start searching!

If you get an ERROR after logging in or trying to download images, please try a different browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox.

How to search and download multiple images?

Make sure you click on the ‘house’ icon underneath ‘Categories’ in the left columnand empty the search box. Next, you type the article number you want in the search box. All available photos of the particular item number are  shown in the mainwindow. Choose the photo you want and click on the basket icon beneath the photo. The photo 
automatically will be copied into the Collection Basket, which you will find at the right upper corner (red box). The mentioned number indicates how many photos are copied in to the collection basket.

For each individual item number you want to download you repeat above mentioned operations. Then you click on the red box of the “Collection Basket” and you can see all selected photos ready for download. To download them all together at once you click on the arrow icon on the top right corner of this box (above ‘rename basket’). You will be prompted to choose low or high resolution photos and start the download.

When using Internet Explorer you need also to click on the words ‘start download’ in the right top corner! All selected photos will be downloaded in a .zip file, which must be saved on your computer. Open the .zip file by double clicking and you will see all individual photos again.

How to find product image if you do not know its article number?

In the left column you will find 4 categories based on language. By clicking on the arrow of the category, you will 
open its sub-categories. This way you search for the relevant category. In the main window you will see all its 
relevant photos per category. Caution! It is possible that the search result contains more pages in the main window.
You can scroll them by clicking on the arrows at the right bottom.

If you want to return to an earlier category you can do this by clicking on the arrow, pointing in left direction, 
underneath ‘categories’. When you want to return to “home” you simply click on the ‘house’ icon.

You are unable to find the desired image when searching by article number.

By removing the last number of the article number in the search window, it may be possible that the desired image 
is found after all. This is due to the fact that we, in some cases, have just one image available for multiple article 
numbers. This will be shown in the filename of the image.

If you also want to find the detail images of a product.

By searching on article number, you shall also find the available detail images. These images are marked with the
addition ‘_det’ in the image’s filename.

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