Everything for your “old” friend

Your sweet dog is already in your life for years. He or she gives you a lot of happiness, so on your hand its nice to give back to your friend. The years are counting and the needs of your dog will change, because he’s becoming a senior. The might get criple or can see less. You can help your friend growing old with these products.

Orthopedic dog cushions

Let’s start with one of the most important things for an elderly dog, a good night’s sleep! Maybe your dogs suffers from joint problems. A orthopedic cushion will offer a solution! In addition to the fact that these dog cushions offer extra support, they are also very pleasant for your dog.

An orthopedic dog cushion ensures that the pressure on both the joints and the back of the dog is reduced. The pillow is filled with regular foam with a layer of memory foam on top. This ensures that the pillow molds to your dog’s body. In addition, the sherpa fleece fabric on the top ensures that the pillow is extra soft! We have orthopedic pillows in different shapes, sizes and colors!

Thinking games

One way to stimulate an older dog is to hide snacks in games. These games ensure that the dog will get up and move, but also that the brain is stimulated to solve problems. The older dog can be mentally stimulated with the help of fun thinking games. Here you hide snacks for your dog, so that he is also immediately rewarded as soon as he has found the snack.