We all love to spoil our pets. Whether it’s because you’re so crazy about them, or because he’s such a good boy. He or she deserves a delicious snack from time to time, which is yummy but healthy. A dog bone or maybe some biscuits. But where to keep all the good stuff? There are a lot of different bowls. Stainless steel bowls, double dinner set or a wirestand. And do you have to many snacks in stock? Choose for a food container to keep the snacks fresh.

To have a good overall view over all the different kinds of snacks, Beeztees divided the dog snacks in four categories; Chewing, Chewing Specials, Naturals and Treats.


Enjoy one of the many dog ​​bones, knots or rods! Available in mini’s, big bags or just a XXL bone! You name it, we’ve got it. It will keep your dog busy (and quiet) for hours and hours. Your dog will love it!

This is just a small grip from our assortment.

Chewing Specials

Do you like to give your dog a little extra, but a XXL bone is just too big. Take a look at our Specials, a tasty and fun alternative. For example a really nice bone stuffed with tripe for the ultimate flavour experience.

This is just a small grip from our assortment.


As the name already tells us, these snacks are made of natural products. Without additions, which will keep your dog busy for hours. With a nice pig ear, dried skin or tail you can responsibly treat your dog.

This is just a small grip from our assortment.


You’re pet deserves to get spoiled occasionally. Because they learned a new trick, it’s their birthday or just for no reason. For example you could give them some biscuits, treats, chicken strips and dental sticks.

This is just a small grip from our assortment.