Dog bike basket on the back

On a nice day there is nothing better than a wonderfully long bike ride, exploring nature and cities. But … of course, that should be comfortable and in style. The Beeztees Wooden Bicycle Baskets for the dog, have a super trendy design and fit on every bicycle with luggage rack.

Most bicycle baskets for the dog are made for the front of the bicycle. There are a lot of options and products on the market and it mainly depends on what you as a driver find best. Is your dog a little heavier or on the road a little more agile? Then a dog basket on the back of the bike is definitely the best choice for you. It is nice and stable and you don’t have to be afraid of an unexpected pull on the handlebar.

Safe ride on the bike with your dog

For comfort and style, it is of course the most important thing that you and your dog can travel safely. The wooden dog bike baskets standardly come with a suitable wire cap. Along the way you will probably come across a lot of interesting things, the hood ensures that your dog cannot just jump out of the basket. This way you can safely ride your dog everywhere.

Universal click system

The Beeztees bicycle basket for the dog comes with a unique click system from Klickfix. This click system is suitable for any (electric) bicycle with a luggage rack with a width of 9-16 cm and bars with a diameter of 8-16 mm. You can also easily click the basket onto V-shape luggage carriers. In addition, the click system of this dog bike basket is equipped with an anti-theft lock. In this way you are heading for a safe, comfortable and stylish journey.