Dog Beds Collection 2020

Our dear four-legged friends spend a large part of the day sleeping. A nice comfortable dog cushion or a sturdy dog ​​bed is an absolute must! This collection of cushions and baskets for the dog is not only wonderful. They also look great in your interior!

Ferro dog baskets and dog cushions

These dog cushions are beautiful! The smooth fabric and neutral colors ensure that they blend wonderfully into the interior in many living styles. In addition, the dog cushions are firmly filled, so that your dog will have a good night’s sleep on them. Lounge and rest cushions available.

In the same series you will also find the Ferro dog bed. This dog bed is available in a beautiful gray-blue color. Of course also with soft filling and sturdy edges, so that your dog can snuggle up against it.

The bottom of the dog beds and cushion has a non-slip layer and the cushion covers can simply be washed in the washing machine at 30 degrees, so they stay nice and fresh!

Yali fluffy Donut Dog bed

Do you also think the fluffy donut beds are super cute? Then the Yali baskets will certainly appeal to you! These ultra soft fluffy baskets are so soft that they almost look like stuffed animals. Because of the raised edges, your dog can really completely crawl away in the long-haired plush. Available in 3 colors and sizes. These fluffy dog ​​beds also have a non-slip bottom. You can wash the entire pillow in the washing machine at 30 degrees.

The smallest sizes are also very suitable as a cat bed!