Beeztees Customer Journey Whitepaper

An research into the dog and cat owner

In 2020 Beeztees conducted a survey among 1,215 dog and cat owners in the Netherlands. From this research, a customer journey has been made, from the emergence of a need to the evaluation of products.

Gain insight into the pet owner

By reading this whitepaper you will gain insight into:

  • Who the pet owner is.
  • How the pet owner orientates.
  • Through which channels the pet owner buys.
  • Which things the pet owner pays attention to when purchasing products.
  • How the products are evaluated.

This research gives you as a (r)etailer the opportunity to:

  • Gain more insights who the pet owner really is.
  • Respond better to the “touch points”/opportunities from the customer journey, to meet the wishes and needs of the consumer.
  • General category vision from the animal department, to categorize the shelves better.

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