The most stylish cat cushion range EVER!

Be completely honest with us. Who is the boss in your house? That’s right. Your cat. Although it often feels like the cat owns you, instead of the other way around, there is nothing in this whole wide world you love more than this stubborn four leg. Your cat deserves the best of the best, the cream of the crop and the state of the art. That’s why we developed a brand new cat range.

Especially for all the special cats around the world. And the good thing is, these shining pearls fit in your interior perfectly.

A tipi for your cat!

Lifestyle magazines are full of it. Tipis for the kids, tipis for the backyard. So what do you think about a tipi for your cat. This tent is easy to assemble with the wooden sticks, causing your cat to enjoy its own spot immediately. Provided with a soft cushion inside and a playball on the top of the tent. In this way the tent will provide in the sleeping and playing needs of your cat.

That actually leaves one last question, would you choose the tough Mohaki or the colorful Kioni tent?

Playing hide and seek inside the house

Sometimes your cat needs a little “me-time”. Just getting away from reality to purr in its own personal space. Create a hidey-hole in your living room, where your cat can retreat. This goes perfectly with our sleeping and crawling bags or with a cat house shaped like a cube.

Sleep, nap, snooze

A good sleeping spot can’t be missing in your cat paradise at home. Whether it’s about a short siesta or a long deep sleep, in total a grown cat sleeps about 18 hours a day!

A cats favourite place to lay down is around people, so we made this baskets and beds especially which are worth seeing! Which design is your favorite?

Hours of fun

Can we have your attention please? For the crown jewel among play tunnels for cats!

This tunnel range doesn’t only guarantee hours of fun for your cat, it also looks amazing in your house! The playful prints and the colorful inside give the tunnel a cheerful look. These tunnels can be placed straight, but can also be knit together to create a curve. Like this, the game gets even more exciting for your cat.