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Inspiring presentations for your pet department

Are you looking for inspiration for your pet department? Or are you planning to renovate your pet department? With our magazine full of trade concepts we want to inspire you to add more experience to the pet department and to achieve maximum returns.

Inspiring retail solutions

In recent years we have noticed there is a huge demand for an inspiring pet department that meets customers expectations nowaday, especially when they shop for their pet. We help retailers, like garden centers, to act on this trend by offering inspiring trade presentations and even solutions for a total pet department. In this magazine we will inform and inspire you with our solutions and services.
In this magazine we want to take you into our ´World of Beeztees´. The pet department is not all about snacks and lifestyle. Together with consumers we defined eight ´everyday moments´ together with your pet. These eight moments are the basis for our category vision and the ´worlds´ in the Beeztees shop. Besides snacking these moments are for example playing, sleeping and caring. For each of these moments we developed a trade concept, which connects to the emotions of this moment. All together, we have integrated our ´trade worlds´  into a complete pet department.

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